Chiapas: Congress of State Swears in Pantelho Municipal Council


In an extraordinary session, the permanent commission of the Congress of the State of Chiapas swore in the new Pantelho municipal council, which is now made up of Pedro Cortes Lopez (who was the spokesperson for the 86 communities of Pantelho) as president; Miguel Hernandez Perez as trustee councilor and Sandra Luz Gutierrez Cruz as councilor.

The members of the new council were appointed, through the system of uses and customs, by representatives of 86 rural communities and 18 neighborhoods of the municipal seat of Pantelho on August 10th and their functions will end on September 30th, the date on which the constitutional period of the elected municipal presidency for the period 2018-2021 concludes.

The swearing in took place after the Government and Constitutional Points commission approved the license request presented in recent days by the members of the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) council chaired by Mayor Delia Yaneth Velasco Flores.

Pedro Cortes said that they will work for peace, development and justice as part of their commitment to the people, since peace is the most important thing for Pantelho at this time.

The Council’s swearing in is part of the follow-up to the agreements reached in the negotiations between the inhabitants and the state and federal authorities, formed to respond to the conflict in that municipality of the Chiapas Highlands.

However, the current situation of mayor-elect Raquel Trujillo has not been clarified, whether she has been legally removed or resigned, or she will seek legal means to object, nor if she has been charged with any legal responsibility for the accusations that indicate that she is a member of criminal groups.

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