Chiapas: Indigenous Justice Prosecutor Murdered in Chiapas – Linked to Pantelho

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On August 10th, the murder of Gregorio Perez Gomez, an Indigenous Justice prosecutor of Chiapas since 2018, was announced. The events took place in the south of the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, after two men shot the  official.

Gregorio Lopez was in charge of the Pantelho investigation, where violent events took place at the end of July. President Lopez Obrador said in his morning press conference that the murder of the prosecutor was related to this case, without giving more details about it. “The investigations have already started and it seems that he is linked to the Pantelho thing. We cannot say more, the investigation is being carried out and we will continue to act”, the president said.

The Executive Secretary of the Network All Rights for All (Red TDT), Victor Hugo Lopez, indicated that the state government “has tried to disclose that these are isolated events, that they are common crime, but the truth is that it cannot be ignored that there is an internal armed conflict that has not been addressed in its proper dimension.” In addition to the fact that “at different times the association of organized crime groups with a presence in the state has been denounced.”

For its part, Assessment Services for Peace (SERAPAZ, Mexico) demands a greater intervention from the Federal Government in the conflict that the indigenous community of Pantelho is experiencing, given that state authority “is exceeded.”

It should be remembered that Perez Gomez had participated in a dialogue table that the federal and state governments held in this municipality of the Chiapas Highlands with a commission of 86 communities to report on the progress of the investigation.

For more information in Spanish:

Asesinato de fiscal en Chiapas podría estar relacionado con conflicto en Pantelhó: AMLO (Milenio, 11 de agosto de 2021)

Bajo un dispositivo de seguridad es velado fiscal asesinado en San Cristóbal (El Heraldo de Chiapas, 11 de agosto de 2021)

Lamenta AMLO homicidio del fiscal indígena para Pantelhó (La Jornada, 12 de agosto de 2021)

Asesinado de seis balazos un fiscal de Justicia Indígena de Chiapas (El País, 11 de agosto de 2021)

Asesinan a Gregorio Pérez Gómez, fiscal de Justicia Indígena de Chiapas(Animal Político, 11 de agosto de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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