Guerrero: Reporter Fredid Roman Murdered in Chilpancingo, Journalists March To Demand Justice 

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According to Article 19, Guerrero is the second most dangerous state to practice journalism at national level, where 16 of the 157 homicides of communicators in the last two decades have occurred. With the murder of Fredid Roman on August 21st, 15 journalists have been murdered in Mexico so far in 2022.

The director of the media outlet “La Realidad” and a columnist for various local media in Guerrero was intercepted by unknown persons who shot him repeatedly, causing his almost immediate death. A month ago, Fredid’s son, Vladimir Roman, was murdered in El Ocotito. According to family members, the journalist received death threats after this event, and they assured that his murder would be linked to dealing with the issue of insecurity in this area in his journalistic and personal work, “Fredid complained because the authorities installed surveillance checkpoints in El Ocotito and not in Buenavista de la Salud, which is the community they are attacking”, the relative explained.

The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) condemned the communicator’s murder and criticized “the scant political will of the authorities to resolve the problem of violence faced by the press in the country.”

On another note, more than 50 journalists staged a protest on the Miguel Aleman coast in Acapulco to demand justice for Fredid. “Here and now, loud and clear, we demand peace, not bullets or hugs of condolences. Our energetic appeal goes to the state justice system, to the prosecutor’s office, to that rusty and mouldy apparatus from so much impunity”, cried the senior journalist Ignacio Hernandez Meneses, after both the President of the Republic and the Governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, expressed their condolences for the murder of the journalist.

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