Chiapas: Meeting of CIG Support Networks, COMPARTE 2018 “For Life and Liberty” and 15th Anniversary of the Zapatista Caracoles

EZComparte 2018 (@Radio Pozol)

From August 3rd to 9th, several activities convened by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) were held in the Caracol of Morelia, Whirlwind of our Words, Zona Zotch’oj.

From the 3rd to the 5th, the Meeting of Support Networks of the Indigenous Council of Government (CIG in its Spanish acronym) was held. During three days the process of collecting signatures for the candidacy of Maria de Jesus Patricio Martinez, Marichuy, spokesperson of the CIG of the CNI (National Indigenous Congress) for the Presidency of the Republic in the July elections was analyzed. Several proposals were also presented that will be consulted within the organizations and in December the conclusions will be presented regarding the process to be followed up on in a second meeting of networks, probably in Chiapas.

In its participation, the EZLN raised its own analysis of what is happening at the international, regional, national and local levels. It ratified its critical position regarding the president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and does not see him as a possibility of real change for the country: “there is no indication that [the Lopez Obrador government] will be progressive”; and warned that there will be “disappointment”. Subcomandante Moises affirmed that “there is no good boss” and Lopez Obrador “wants to turn this into a farm”, suiting to his own interests, not only the countryside, but also the cities. The EZLN also affirmed that the main projects announced by AMLO continue to represent a threat to the lands and territories of the indigenous peoples, referring in particular to “one million hectares in the Lacandona, and the Isthmus train or the Isthmus corridor that they want to make”. It announced that it will continue in resistance in the communities and proposed the creation of a large civil organization at the national level as well as the creation of new non-indigenous and international civil councils.

In the following days, in the presence of thousands of indigenous people, support bases of the EZLN and its military commanders, the Comparte 2018 was held with different artistic and cultural activities, as well as the 15th anniversary of the creation of its five caracoles (autonomous regions) headquarters of the so-called Good Government Councils (JBG in its Spanish acronym).

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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