Chiapas: Two Women Murdered in Tonala

6D3457C5-2E61-4A20-8069-68FDFAAB7330Photo @ Digna Ochoa A.C. Human Rights Center

On January 10th, relatives of two victims of femicide in the municipality of Tonala, together with feminist and civil society organizations, carried out a peaceful mobilization to demand “justice for recent events linked to femicide, especially the two recent ones that affected women of that area.”

In the Palo Blanco community, María “N” was murdered when she returned home on January 4th. Fernanda “N”, also originally from Tonala and victim of murder, was found lifeless on the side of the road in Matias Romero, Oaxaca on January 6th.

“The intention is that all citizens, authorities and the press find out that we will not remain silent, cannot continue without doing anything, without taking preventive measures, we ask that the authorities act effectively to find the killers,” said Gabriela Gonzalez Hernandez, cousin of María “N”.

“We must denounce any aggression, nobody has the right to violate our lives … We ask that the authorities do their corresponding work and do not get carried away by corruption, a prompt response, because if that person remains free they will continue with their crimes,” she added. 

Previously, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Chiapas (FGE) reported on the case of María “N”, that “the Police are carrying out the investigation to clarify the facts and disclaim responsibilities (…) initiated from the investigation folder 0003- 097-0701-2020, under the Protocol of Action for the Investigation of Femicide within the framework of the Alert of Gender Violence Against Women.”

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