Oaxaca: Impunity One Year after Murder of Muxe Activist Oscar Cazorla Denounced

oaxaca-juchitan-activista-muxe-oscar-cazorla-asesinato-muerte-DianaMAnzo@Diana Manzo

On February 9th, one year after the murder of the muxe activist, Oscar Cazorla, in Juchitan, members of the muxe collective of the “Authentic intrepid seekers of danger” demanded justice and clarification of his death given the total impunity that has prevailed in the case.

Oscar Cazorla was co-founder of this group 44 years ago, which seeks to make visible the inclusion of this vulnerable sector and at the same time eradicate homophobia and discrimination against sexual diversity.

“The justice authorities tell us that they are making progress and everything related to the investigation, but they don’t inform us about anything. We have 365 days since they killed Oscar Cazorla, a person committed to the fight for sexual diversity, always yearning for the well-being of all and seeking support for our events, that’s why we demand that the authorities give results,” said Felina Santiago, one of of the co-founders and friend of the activist. She also stressed that this impunity creates greater vulnerability for other muxes despite the fact that they were given precautionary measures after the murder.

For more information in Spanish:

Impune, asesinato de activista muxe Óscar Cazorla a un año de su muerte (Aristegui Noticias, 10 de febrero de 2020)

Impune asesinato de activista muxe, Oscar Cazorla a un año de su muerte (Página 3, 10 de febrero de 2020)

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