Chiapas: EZLN Delegation Departs from Jungle en Route to Europe

Photo: Enlace Zapatista

Seven people, seven Zapatistas, make up the maritime section of the delegation that will visit Europe. Four are women, two are men and one is “other” (not identifying as male or female). Four, two, one. Squadron 421. On April 26th, the maritime commission began its “Voyage for Life-Europe Chapter”. They have had several acts of farewell in the caracoles and in the Zapatista territory in Chiapas.

“The EZLN delegation that will visit at least 30 European countries, will depart from a Mexican port on May 3rd in the ship baptized as La Montaña, and it is estimated that in the second half of June it will be off the European coast”, the statement about the start of his trip says.

“In this part of what we have called Journey for Life, Europe Chapter, the Zapatista delegates will meet with those who have invited us to talk about our mutual stories, pains, rages, achievements and failures”, said the EZLN in a statement signed by Insurgent Sub-commander Moises.

“On May 3rd of year 21 of the 21st century, from Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico, La Montaña will set sail to cross the Atlantic on a journey that has a lot of challenge and nothing of reproach. In the sixth month of the calendar, it will have to see the coasts of the port of Vigo (Ciudad Olivica), Pontevedra, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Spanish State”, they reported.

For more information in Spanish: 

Delegación del EZLN parte a Europa el 26 de abril, Chiapas Paralelo, 12 de abril de 2021

La conquista al revés: zapatistas inician su viaje a Europa, El País, 26 de abril de 2021

Delegación marítima del EZLN parte a su gira internacional. Estos son sus integrantes, Proceso, 26 de abril de 2021

Se inicia en Chiapas el periplo de la delegación zapatista rumbo a Europa (La Jornada, 27 de abril de 2021)

La Ruta de Ixchel, EZLN, Abril de 2021


ESCUADRÓN 421, EZLN abril 2021 

Camino a Europa…., EZLN 10 de abril de 2021

For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas/National: National and International Observation for Journey for Life, Europe Chapter(April 26, 2021)
Chiapas: EZLN “On the Way to Europe” (April 13, 2021)
International/National/Chiapas: EZLN Releases Communiqué “A DECLARATION…FOR LIFE”(January 7, 2021)

Internacional/Nacional/Chiapas: EZLN saca nuevo comunicado “Segunda Parte: LA CANTINA.” (December 30, 2020)

Chiapas: EZLN Issues Communiqué on Preparations to Travel to Europe (December 29, 2020)
Chiapas: EZLN Announces Journey to Five Continents “To Find What Makes Us Equals”(October 7, 2020)

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