Chiapas: CNDH Asks for Precautionary Measures for Protesting Migrants in Tapachula

@Chiapas Paralelo

In the first days of February, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) requested the implementation of precautionary measures from the National Institute of Migration (INM), the Ministry of Health, the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) and Chiapas Civil Protection in favor of migrants who demonstrate outside the immigration regulation offices in Tapachula.

In this regard, on February 2nd, the director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, A.C. and a group of 500 migrants, accompanied by personnel from the CNDH, demonstrated at the offices of the Sub-directorate for Migration Regulation of the INM in Tapachula, to request their migratory regularization.

As a result of this, the INM agreed with the protesters that it would “deliver cards for humanitarian reasons to those who had proof of the refugee status recognition process, while it would issue permanent resident cards to all those recognized as refugees by COMAR.; that February 2nd, 60 cards were delivered for humanitarian reasons, pending resolution of the immigration process for approximately 440 people, who continue to be stranded in Tapachula”, reports Mileno.

On February 3rd, CNDH personnel documented that approximately two thousand non-nationals arrived at the offices of the Sub-directorate, among whom were applicants for recognition of refugee status, who reported that the INM has intensified operations to detain them, actions during which they destroy the documents issued by COMAR and then transfer them to the Tapachula immigration center.

The CNDH asked the INM to negotiate with the protesters, privilege communication to explain the migratory procedures, as well as provide them with the attention and facilities for the case, however, no concrete agreements were reached. Due to these events, a complaint was filed with the director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, A.C.

Due to the above, the CNDH requested the following precautionary measures: “guarantee urgent humanitarian attention to the demonstrators; that they be provided with water, moisturizing serum, medical, specialized and first aid personnel, medications and, if applicable, ambulances for transportation to hospital, specialists who provide psychological care, personal hygiene supplies, disposable diapers, among others”, reports Chiapas Paralelo.

Similarly, the INM and the COMAR asked them to “immediately create working groups in order to speed up the migratory regularization procedures, or the recognition of refugee status, so that they are resolved in accordance with the laws on the matter, establish the technical and human resources to carry them out and keep the applicants informed about the course of each of their procedures”, reports Milenio. Likewise, that the INM guarantees the free transit through national territory for people once the corresponding identification documents have been issued.

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