Chiapas/National: Against All Wars: All Arts, All Resistance, All Rebellion! 


Almost ten years since last appearing in public en masse, last Sunday, March 13th, thousands of Zapatistas filled the streets of San Cristobal de las Casas, Ocosingo, Palenque, Las Margaritas, Altamirano and Yajalon.

On this occasion the reason for the mobilization was current wars in the world; they protested against the capitalist wars that “oppress the peoples and destroy mother earth in all geographies” and showed their solidarity not only with “resistance in Ukraine and Russia” but also “with all the peoples where armed conflicts prevail, such as Palestine, Kurdistan, Syria, the Mapuche people, the original peoples all over the planet and so many libertarian processes that are attacked, persecuted, assassinated, silenced.”

On their banners were messages such as “We call on the whole world to mobilize to stop the war”“Stop the war waged by capitalist governments”, “No to war! No to the governments that oppress their people” and shouted slogans such as “Death to the capitalist system!” “Russian army out Ukraine!”, “Long live the peoples in resistance!”, among others.

In Altamirano, protests were also added due to the attacks that continue against 12 communities in this municipality, as well as demands for the release of at least 37 peasants who were kidnapped last December.

In Mexico City, various organizations and autonomies responded to the call made by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) in its communique of March 9th and marched on Paseo de la Reforma ending in front of the Juarez Hemicycle with a statement in which they announced that these mobilizations are “the beginning of a world campaign. “All arts against all wars.” “The sciences and the arts are seeds that will blossom for a new world.””

For more information in Spanish:

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Protesta EZLN en Chiapas contra guerras capitalistas (La Jornada 15 de marzo de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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