Chiapas: Chiapas on Verge of Civil War – EZLN


In a communiqué issued on September 19th, the EZLN spoke out following the release of Jose Antonio Sanchez Juarez and Sebastian Nuñez Perez, members of the Good Government Council (JBG) Patria Nueva, municipality of Ocosingo, who were kidnapped on September 11th by members of the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO).

They explained that their release was given “thanks to the intervention of the parish priests of San Cristobal de Las Casas and Oxchuc, belonging to the diocese of San Cristobal”, and they added that “the compañeros were stripped of a communication radio and six thousand pesos in cash belonging to the board of good government.”

They pointed out the inaction of the government, which “covers and encourages these crimes” and maintains “alliances with drug trafficking cause indigenous communities to be forced to form self-defense groups” in addition to “promoting and financing paramilitary groups such as those that continually attack communities in Aldama and Santa Martha.” They pointed out that “Rutilio Escandon is doing everything possible to destabilize the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas.”

They denounced ORCAO, as a paramilitary organization at the service of the Chiapas state government, and pointed out the constant attacks they carry out against the Zapatista community of Moises y Gandhi.

They also denounced the slowness of the vaccination campaign, the obstruction of the departure of the Zapatista delegation to Europe, the permanence of the same cadres in different political parties, the lack of compliance with agreements with teachers, and called on the authorities to use the “legal channels to which they have access and stop playing with the life, liberty and property of Chiapas.”

Finally, they announced that they will take “the pertinent measures so that justice is applied to the criminals of the ORCAO and officials who sponsor them.”

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