Oaxaca: First Forum: Woman, Water and Territory – COPUDA


On November 16th, the First Forum “Woman, Water and Territory” was held, organized by the defenders that make up the Coordination of Peoples United for the Care and Defense of Water (COPUDA) in close coordination with the Flower and Song Center for Rights Indigenous. More than one hundred women from different communities attended this event that took place in the town of Antonino Castillo Velasco.

The objective of the meeting was to create a space for reflection on the feelings, thoughts and knowledge of women about their daily lives and their work as defenders of the territory, promote the importance of their work and support the recognition of their right to participate in decision-making processes. Through various activities and two presentations, they reflected and exchanged experiences regarding the proper management of water from the home, body as a territory, community duties, as well as the history of the social and legal struggle of COPUDA and the participation that women have had throughout this process.

“To ask the State to let us use our water freely, not to condition it and to prioritize the life of the communities before companies”, a woman from the San Jose del Progreso municipality demanded.

The forum included the participation of the Ayuujk communicator, specialist and defender of human rights, indigenous peoples and women, Zenaida Perez Gutierrez; and the psychologist and psychotherapist Beatriz Ramirez Caballero, also a member of the Lila Women’s Collective, who shared their community experiences, with the intention of promoting solidarity and support among women. It should be noted that the integration and training work among the participants will continue, in order to strengthen the ties between generations and between women from different communities.

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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