National/International: United States and Mexico Violate Right to Asylum – UN and CSO


On August 10th, some 300 people from Central America were deported from the United States to southern Mexico on direct flights, this under Title 42. This measure was established during the mandate of Donald Trump “which allows the immediate expulsion of people under the pretext of the health emergency due to COVID-19”, even without scientific proof of the effectiveness of this measure.

The people, mostly women with children, were taken in trucks from the National Migration Institute (INM) who transported them to different points on the Guatemalan border, “abandoning them” with almost no possibility of returning to their countries of origin.

The Mexican and US governments had made an agreement last week in order to “manage orderly, safe and regular migration flows with respect for the human rights of migrants and asylum seekers.”However, the Collective for the Observation and Monitoring of Human Rights in Southeast Mexico (COMDHSM) denounced that these measures “put the lives of people with international protection needs at serious risk and massively violate the right to request asylum”, since they attempt to respond to the situation that exists in the northern border where for 17 months they have prohibited “non-essential” crossings, including people seeking asylum in the north of the country.

Different Offices in Mexico of the UN such as UNHCR, UNICEF, UNUDH, UN Women and IOM expressed their concern about the application of Rule 42 by placing thousands of Mexican, Central American and other nationalities “in a critical situation”“without going through a mechanism for identifying protection needs or health protocols and without having access to the asylum system in that country, finding themselves in a legal limbo on the northern border of Mexico.”

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