Guerrero: On 19th Anniversary of CECOP, La Parota Dam Could Be Cancelled

@ Desinformemonos

This August 1st, the 19th anniversary of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to the La Parota Dam (CECOP) in Acapulco, Guerrero, was commemorated. This organization began its process of struggle when the Federal Electricity Commission intended to build on the Papagayo River in this coastal city. In this history of resistance “ten comrades have fallen, some 80 arrest warrants have been issued against their members and 60 community members have been imprisoned”, said Rodolfo Chávez Galindo, CECOP advisor.

They recognized that, despite the fact that “the main triumph of the council is that the dam was not built because the people do not want it” and that the only thing missing is the signature of the President of the Republic, “one of the country’s pending issues is the presentation alive of the disappeared and the release of political prisoners.” The most recent case of disappearance is that of Vicente Suastegui, brother of the organization’s spokesman, Marco Antonio Suastegui Muñoz. Regarding that, he stated that “these lands have been bathed in blood; we arrive at this anniversary hurt from the soul and the heart. It has been almost two decades of oppression, but we have not thought of giving up. We are not afraid. CECOP will continue knocking down barriers and demolishing concrete.”

The more than 100 attendees demanded that the federal government complete the cancellation of the project and that it be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) and from the governor of Guerrero that piped water be introduced in the communities of Frayle, a rural area of Acapulco which continues in poverty and marginalization.

Those who oppose La Parota have been victims of political persecution “19 years after the resistance movement against La Parota Hydroelectric Project Dam began, the State used all kinds of violence to break the CECOP, but it did not succeed” mentions the ñuu Savi journalist, Kau Sirenio.

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