Chiapas: Presentation of the preliminary report of the Brigade of Observation and Solidarity with Zapatista Communities

From 27 August until 3 September was held a brigade of observation and solidarity with Zapatista communities.  57 persons participated who visited 4 of the 5 Zapatista caracoles: 17 in La Realidad, 12 in Oventic, 16 in La Garrucha, and 12 in Morelia.  The objective of the Brigade found its basis in the “aggressions against Zapatista communities [that] are increasingly more violent and continuous; the acts of provocation against the EZLN seem more obvious with each passing day.  From this [we saw a need for] organizing a Brigade of Observation and Solidarity so as to find data, take account of the social environment, and show that our Zapatista comrades are not alone.”

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