Chiapas: Procession outside CERSS No.5 to Demand the Release of Roberto Paciencia Cruz

Paciencia.jpgPedro Lopez Jimenez during the procession around CERSS No.5. Photo@SIPAZ

On October 29, the parish of St. Augustine of Teopisca, member of the Human Rights Committee “Jcanan Lum”, convened a Eucharistic celebration outside the State Center for Social Reinsertion (CERSS) No. 5. The objective of the activities was to denounce the “bad administration of justice that exists in the Mexican State” and the resulting torture of innocents, in particular the case of torture victim Roberto Paciencia Cruz. “We demand the prompt and impartial investigation of torture perpetrated against Roberto Paciencia Cruz the day of his arbitrary detention. Currently he is held in the CERSS 5, as an investigation by the Special Prosecutor for Combating Corruption is open into torture for the above stated.”

During the concentration, former prisoners, sympathizers of the Voice of Amate, demanded compliance with the memorandum of agreement of February 5, 2016, in which representatives of the State Government pledged to repair the damage caused by the unjust imprisonment and the streamlining of procedures to free Alejandro Diaz Santiz and Roberto Paciencia Cruz, both adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.

Pedro Lopez Jimenez, one of the former prisoners, said representatives of the state government had then committed to achieving his release within a month regarding the release of Roberto Paciencia Cruz, and assured that the case of Alejandro Diaz Santiz would be analyzed and as a guarantee offered his immediate return to the prison located in San Cristobal. To date, no commitment has been fulfilled.

The concentration ended with a procession around the prison, in which over 300 participants with banners, blankets and shouting slogans in chorus such as “Roberto, brother, you are not alone” or “Freedom, freedom, freedom” demanded the release and of all political prisoners, unjustly imprisoned “just for being poor and being indigenous (sic)”

For more information in Spanish:

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 For more information from SIPAZ:

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Chiapas: Niegan entrada a visitas del injustamente preso, Roberto Paciencia Cruz, en el CERESO No. 5 (30 de agosto de 2016)Chiapas: Roberto Paciencia Cruz, tres años preso en el Centro Estatal de Reinserción Social de Sentenciados (CERSS) número 5 (19 de agosto de 2016)

Chiapas: Roberto Paciencia escribe a Alejandro Díaz (24 de junio de 2016)


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