Chiapas/National: Chiapas – State with Most Arbitrary Arrrests in Republic: Tenth Report Defending Human Rights in Mexico

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On August 24th, the Mexico Cerezo Committee organization presented the “Tenth Report Defending Human Rights in Mexico: Without Truth and Without Justice There Is No Transformation”, which reflects the human rights violations (HRV) that were committed by the Mexican State. against human rights defenders during the period from June 1st, 2020 to May 31st, 2021.

Víctor Hugo Lopez Rodriguez, Executive Secretary of the National Network of All Rights for All (Red TDT) highlighted the serious human rights crisis that has been observed during at least the last four six-year presidential terms in the country, and highlighted the gravity of the situation of forced disappearances, and attacks and aggressions against human rights defenders.

The Representative in Mexico of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jesus Peña Palacios, expressed his concern for the 18 murder victims as well as for the people who exercise and defend the right to social protest who “have been one of the main victims of the attacks, the majority in the form of harassment and threats”, referring to the data in the report.

The report shows that in the period there were 65 instances involving 96 human rights violations against defenders in Mexico. These 65 instances affected 25 organizations, 22 communities, 17 people and two family members. This implies a decrease of 60.74% of the total of documented events in the previous period.

They underlined the “very significant decrease in events directed against the relatives of defenders, since only two were documented this year.” However, “there were, among those affected, at least six communities made up exclusively of women who were the target of other HRVs.”

He also drew attention to the increase in the number of perpetrators who belong to the Federal Government and who carry out HRVs against defenders. From representing 3% of the total number of perpetrators in the previous period, they rose to 22%.

Also participating in the presentation was Maria Adela Antokoletz, Delegate of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founders; Clara Meyra, from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung- Mexico Regional Office – and from the Cerezo Committee; Alejandro Cerezo Contreras, Coordinator of Urgent Action for Human Rights Defenders ACUDDEH AC and Francisco Cerezo Contreras, Coordinator of the Mexico Cerezo Committee.

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