Mexico: “A death… A life.” Fourth letter from Subcomandante Marcos to Don Luis Villoro in the Exchange on Ethics and Politics


On 7 December was published the fourth letter from Subcomandante Marcos to the philosopher Don Luis Villoro in their exchange on ethics and politics, entitled “A death… A life,” in which he principally deals with the question of power and the coming presidential elections in the country (2012).

He questions President Felipe Calderón and the presidential candidates, noting that he “find[s] nothing significant in that Enrique Peña Nieto has talked as though he were a bad B actor, like those that come out in the telenovelas, say some things, and nothing is made good.  His designation as candidate should be yet another demonstration of the decomposition of the Institutional Revolutionary, and the dispute to see who can manage it to death (an image that is not for the PRI rhetorical).”

Referring to Andrés Manuel López Obrador without naming him directly, Marcos qualifies him as “one of the three who must fight amongst each other for the throne of Mexico.”  He adds that “it is precisely he who does not succeed in being mature and recognizing his errors and faults.  It is he who leads a group that is avid for power and full of intolerance, one that seeks and will seek the responsibility for its errors and schizophrenia in others.  Using discourse more apt for Gaby Vargas and Cuauhtémoc Sánchez than Alfonso Reyes, he now makes clear love-ambitions… for the right.”  He also asks the following question: “Is it that those who criticized Javier Sicilia for his affective gestures for the political class now criticize the ‘Loving Republic’?   When, in Mexico has there been a positive result after the left shifts to the right?  When has being servile to the powerful served an end other than entertainment?”  It should be remembered that on 26 November, López Obrador called on Marcos not to delegitimize his candidacy and encourage abstentionism among his followers.

In the missive, the Subcomandante also refers to the writer Tomás Segovia and Commander Moisés, leader of the EZLN, both of whom have recently died.  He notes: “In this lines that I now send to you, Don Luis, live the dead who are alive.”

For more information (in Spanish):

– SCI Marcos. UNA MUERTE… O UNA VIDA (Carta cuarta a Don Luis Villoro en el intercambio sobre Ética y Política) (Enlace zapatista, 7 December)

– Funda AMLO sus ambiciones en su amor… a la derecha: subcomandante Marcos (Proceso, 7 December)

– Marcos: Mentir en grande y hacerlo impunemente, eso es el Poder(La Jornada, 8 December 2011)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Mexico: Letter by Sicilia in response to Subcomandante Marcos (8 September 2011)

Chiapas: Communiqué by the EZLN: For reflective criticism, individuals and collectives (15 April 2011)

Mexico: National march “We are fed up” (14 April 2011)

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