Chiapas: EZLN Announces New Gatherings and Invitations for 2017


In their latest communiqué of February 14, “THE WALLS ABOVE, THE CRACKS BELOW (AND TO THE LEFT)” The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) convened a Global Campaign and several activities “Against Capital and its Walls: All The Cracks.” The first of them, the Campaign “Against the Walls of Capital: Resistance, Rebellion, Solidarity and Support from Below and to the Left”, where they called to “organize with autonomy, to resist and to rebel against persecutions, arrests and deportation” and stated that “every human being has the right to a free and dignified existence in the place that seems best to them, and they have the right to fight to remain there.” They called on the “Sixth as a whole to organize (…) to support in and with activities of those who resist and rebel against expulsions. Whether they are supporting them to return to their homes, creating ‘sanctuaries’ or supporting existing ones, with legal advice and support, with money, with the arts and sciences, festivals and mobilizations, commercial and media boycotts, be it in cyber space, wherever and however it may be. In all the spaces where we move it is our duty to support and show solidarity.”

They also announced their support and solidarity for those who resist arrests and deportations: “To begin, we will send you the artistic works created by the indigenous Zapatistas for last year’s CompArte, as well as organic coffee produced by the indigenous Zapatista communities in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast, so that, through their sale, they can carry out artistic and cultural activities to formalize support and solidarity with migrants and displaced persons throughout the world who see their life, liberty and goods threatened by the xenophobic campaigns promoted by Governments and the ultra right in the world.”

The three calls for 2017 invite you to a critical reflection seminar “THE WALLS OF CAPITAL, THE CRACKS OF THE LEFT” from April 12 to 15, CIDECI-UniTierra in San Cristobal de Las Casas; all artists to the second edition of the “CompArte for Humanity” with the theme “Against Capital and its Walls: All the arts” from July 23 to 29 in Oventik caracol and CIDECI-UniTierra, and the virtual edition will be from August 1 to 12 online; the scientists of the world to the second edition of “ConSciences for Humanity” with the theme “The Sciences Against the Wall” from December 26 to 30 at CIDECI-UniTierra. They also asked for people “to be attentive to the activities convened by the National Indigenous Congress, as part of its own process of forming the Indigenous Council of Government.”

For more information in Spanish:

LOS MUROS ARRIBA, LAS GRIETAS ABAJO (Y A LA IZQUIERDA). (Enlace Zapatista, 14 de febrero de 2017)

EZLN convoca a campaña mundial frente a los muros capitalistas (TeleSur, 15 de febrero de 2017)

El EZLN convoca a la resistencia frente a los ‘muros del capital’ (La Jornada, 14 de febrero de 2017)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Anuncia EZLN actividades para el 2016 (9 de marzo de 2016)

Chiapas/Nacional : Nuevo comunicado del EZLN aclara propuesta conjunta con el CNI (25 de noviembre de 2016)

Chiapas/Nacional : Candidata presidencial “no es decisión de una persona” (Subcomandante Moíses) (15 de noviembre de 2016)

Chiapas / Nacional : CNI y EZLN realizarán consulta para nombrar a una candidata indígena hacia las elecciones presidenciales de 2018 (15 de octubre de 2016)


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