Chiapas: Abejas de Acteal Receive Mariano Abarca Prize

@Otros Mundos AC

On Saturday, November 27th, twelve years after the assassination of environmentalist Mariano Abarca, a ceremony was held to present the award that bears his name.

On this occasion, the 35 organizations, movements and national and international groups that endorse it, decided that it would be delivered to the organization Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society in recognition of their peaceful struggle in defense of the land, territory and life that they have continued despite the violence in the region.

The ceremony for the delivery of the III “Mariano Abarca” Environmental Defense Award was held in the Acteal community in Chenalho municipality. There the Abarca family made the delivery to the 24 communities of the three municipalities that belong to this organization.

During the ceremony, they remembered Jose Simon, one of their leaders who was recently assassinated, and demanded justice in his case and in that of Mariano Abarca.

In their speech they mentioned that “due to their position in favor of human rights and against injustice, its members have been constantly persecuted, harassed and threatened, but despite this they have not ceased to be, at the same time, a space for refuge for families and groups that suffer persecution, regardless of their religion or political affiliation.”

Similarly, they invited the organizations that accompanied them to continue walking together in this fight for justice and the care and protection of their land and territory.

For more information in Spanish:

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