Chiapas: Denunciation of harassment and attacks from the Whirlwind of Our Words Caracol

Foto @ SIPAZ

Photo @ SIPAZ

The Good-Government Council (JBG) Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, Morelia caracol, has published a denunciation explaining the rpbolems that have been worsening for a month with the CIOAC organization (Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos).  Since 18 October, “a group of 60 persons from the ejido of 20 November who pertain to the CIOAC organization and their intellectual leaders […] entered [the land] to to delineate where it is that they want to take away the land that we recuperated in 1994.”  As the denunciation notes, since this time, the JBG of Morelia has attempted to arrange a dialogue with the CIOAC members from the 20 November ejido to resolve the use of the land under dispute which is worked by Zapatista support bases from the 10 April ejido.  Several dialogues have taken place, but no positive resolution has been effected.

The communique continues by saying that since 6 November, the support bases have been suffering death-threats and attacks and that on 12 November, “yet again 200 persons [from CIOAC] arrived, divided in three groups, one of them dividing the land, another installing spikes, and the third clearing the land.”

In closing, the public denunciation expresses that “those who presently reside in the 10 April ejido, autonomous municipality of 17 November, know perfectly well the history of the land, because they worked there as servants when our exploiters still lived there: they worked hard without salary in the year 1994.”

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