Chiapas/National: Intellectuals, Artists and Activists Denounce “The Current Campaign of Disinformation, Lies and Slander Against the Zapatismo”


More than 700 intellectuals, academics, artists and activists expressed their solidarity with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in its Spanish acronym) in an open letter, given “the current campaign of misinformation, lies and slander directed against Zapatismo.” The Zapatista struggle represents “a great example of resistance, dignity, congruence and political creativity,” they stressed. They said that the Zapatista “Ya Basta!” Of 25 years ago “was an event of great transcendence and one of the first overwhelming reactions on an international level against neoliberal globalization, which contributed to the rejection and criticism of a model that, at that time, seemed unquestionable. It was also, and continues to be, an expression of the legitimate struggle of the indigenous peoples against the domination and contempt suffered for centuries and even today, as well as in favor of their rights to autonomy.”

They also underlined the achievement of the forms of popular self-government “that the Zapatistas have put into practice with the Good Government Councils in their five caracoles”, constituting in this way “an example of true and radical democracy” in “the constant, honest and critical search for an alternative and emancipatory project of great importance when facing the challenges of a world that seems to sink increasingly into a deep crisis, at the same time economic, social, political, ecological and human.”

They expressed concern about the situation “faced by the Zapatista communities and the indigenous peoples of Mexico, when their territories and communities were attacked by mining, tourist, agro-industrial, and infrastructure projects, (…) especially the huge projects promoted by the new Mexican government, such as the Trans-isthmus Corridor, the million hectares of commercial trees and the so-called “Maya Train”, recently denounced as a humiliation and a provocation by Sub-commander Moises, spokesman of the EZLN.” They affirmed they share the “total rejection expressed by the EZLN facing these and other great projects that seriously affect the autonomous territories and the ways of life of the peoples.”

They denounced “any aggression against the Zapatista communities, either directly by the Mexican state or through groups and organizations of armed or unarmed “civilians”” and blamed the Mexican government “for any confrontation that may arise within the framework of the implementation of these megaprojects, which correspond to a model already exceeded by, unsustainable and devastating “development”, decided by power at the top and shamelessly violating the rights of indigenous peoples.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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