Chiapas: Denunciation of attacks on BAEZLN from the Morelia JBG and on hospital personnel from San Carlos de Altamirano

Mural en Caracol IV, Torbellino de Nuestras Palabras @ SIPAZ

Mural in Caracol IV (Morelia), Whirlwind of Our Words @ SIPAZ

The Good-Government Council (JBG) from Caracol IV (Morelia), Whirlwind of Our Words, has denounced that on 30 January, some 300 members of the Democratic Independent Center of Agricultural and Campesino Workers (CIOAC) traveled on 18 trucks and severely assaulted Zapatista support bases in the 10 April ejido, pertaining to the 17 November autonomous municipality.  The Zapatistas requested aid at the San Carlos hospital in Altamirano, but the aggressors arrested them and blocked the passage of the ambulance, stripped and assaulted the nuns in the vehicle, and themselves appropriated the ambulance and a truck).  The Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Center for Human Rights documented the status of the injured, noting “two grave lesions and three hospitalizations, one of them facing the possibility of losing sight,” as the Center shared in its third press release.  “In addition, [there were] attacks and arrests of four personnel who work in the San Carlos hospital.  With regard to the aggressor group, there were 2 injured from the 20 November community who were hospitalized in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Altamirano and released the same day.”

The most recent attack against BAEZLN in 10 April community had taken place on 27 January, when 250 members of the Democratic CIOAC destroyed the signposts at the entrance of the ejido and proceeded to take down trees “which belong to our ecological reserve,” noted the JBG, using five vehicles: 9 pines were lost, in addition to 40 oak trees, 35 coffee plants, and 3 banana trees.  Furthermore, the attackers removed firewood “that is not for familial use but that was taken to sell, as carried away in 41 trucks’ worth.”

The CIOAC’s attempt to take over Zapatista lands began to spin out of control on 13 November 2013, although 2007 was the first time that “they provoked us by threatening to take the land we recovered in 1994,” as they “wanted to take control,” according to the JBG.

For more information (in Spanish):

La Junta de Buen Gobierno, Corazón del Arco Iris de la Esperanza del Caracol IV, denuncia la agresión que sufrió bases de apoyo del ejido 10 de abril del municipio autónomo en rebeldía 17 de noviembre, Chiapas, México(Enlace Zapatista, 1 de febrero de 2014)

Testimonio de personal del hospital San Carlos con respecto a la agresión a compañeros del ejido 10 de abril, ocurrida el 30 de enero de 2014 (Enlace Zapatista, 1 de febrero de 2014)

Omisión del gobierno del Estado de Chiapas para impedir agresiones a las BAEZLN. La CIOAC violenta el territorio del EZLN (Boletín de prensa No.3 del Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, 2 de febrero de 2014)

Denuncian agresiones a bases de apoyo del EZLN por seguidores de la Cioac(La Jornada, 2 de febrero de 2014)

Agreden a religiosas en el ataque al ejido 10 de Abril; les impiden atender a heridos (La Jornada, 3 de febrero de 2014)

Miembros de la CIOAC Democrática agreden a bases de apoyo zapatistas(Koman Ilel, 2 de febrero de 2014)

La JBG CORAZON DEL ARCO IRIS DE LA ESPERANZA CARACOL IV, TORBELLINO DE NUESTRAS PALABRAS denuncia hostigamiento y agresiones (Enlace Zapatista, 13 de noviembre de 2014)

Para más información de SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Denunciation of harassment and attacks from the Whirlwind of Our Words Caracol (7 December 2013)

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